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Wondering how to build a thriving team culture that still gives your employees the flexibility to do some work from home?

This planner can help. It’s designed to help you find the team schedule that maximizes face-to-face meeting time for colleagues who work closely together, in a way that reflects each person’s personal and professional circumstances.
The payoff? Coordinating your time in office means you can have fewer meetings on remote days—so your team members have the flexibility to dive deep into focused work, and follow the routines that keep them happy, health and engaged.


DISCLAIMER: This planner is an experiment in using ChatGPT to drive decision-making and present results in a structured form. But it’s new! What GPT will tell you to do is a little hard to predict. Before you send the schedule out to your team based on what the robot says, look over the results carefully and discuss this plan with your team. ​This planner does not constitute professional advice; use at your own risk.

To use the planner
Save a copy to your own account. (Look for the Copy Doc button in the upper right of this page.)
You’ll also need to connect it to ChatGPT, and you’ll need an OpenAI account to make this planner work as a totally self-contained experience. For best results use GPT 4, which may require you to .
If you don’t have a ChatGPT account or don’t want to connect it to Coda, use the approach, after you’ve completed steps 1 to 3. Try to do this using the GPT-4 model on ChatGPT.
Once you have your own copy of the doc, complete all three sections of this doc:
will ask you to list the people on your team (it can handle teams of up to 10) as well as any particular circumstances that affect their on-site/remote work experience
asks the team manager to set the parameters for the hybrid plan, specifying things like the minimum number of days people should come into the office each week
assesses the amount of meeting time needed for each set of colleagues on your team. Consider completing this step as a team, or asking your team members for their input.

About this planner

This planner was created by digital workplace expert It is featured in the April 4, 2023 issue of Alex’s Thrive at Work newsletter.

About Alexandra Samuel
Alexandra is the co-author (with Robert C. Pozen) of . She speaks frequently on hybrid work, the rise of generative AI in the workplace, and on the transformation of work.

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