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This is a
team made up of
team members. The manager of this team wants the team to work on a hybrid plan, and has asked you to come up with a schedule for which days each person on the team will be in the office (either for the whole day or a portion). You need to come up with a 5-day-a-week schedule that will be the same for each week.
Here's what the manager of the team has provided in the way of guidance:
I want each person on the team to come into the office at least
day(s) each week, and I prefer if they're each there at least
day(s) a week, but I don't want to make anyone come into the office more than
day(s) a week unless they actively want to be there, or at least, don't mind.
Our organization or department’s hybrid policy states that
employees need to spend at least 2 days on-site each week
Everybody on the team needs to have a one-on-one meeting with me at least
once every week or two
, and
I prefer in-person meetings
. I want to accommodate my team members' personal circumstances, but not at the expense of our ability to work as a team.
While we have access to
meeting room(s) that can fit the whole team and
room(s) that can fit up to four people for a meeting, we only have
private desk(s) for people to use when they need to get work done in between meetings.
There should be at least
team members in the office on any given weekday,
even if
it’s a day we’ve designated as meeting-free.
As much as possible, I want people who work closely together to have more time in the office together, and to coordinate their schedules so they're in on the same days. I'd love to identify at least
two half-days or one full day
when we agree not to schedule any meetings as a team, so there needs to be at least that much time where nobody needs to meet.
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